Monday, March 29, 2010

Then Came Bronson

Yep... When Cliff Cruise was just a young-in he would beg and plead to watch the “Then Came Bronson” TV show. Guess what... That hardly ever happened. Got back at the family a few “Christmas” ago. Bought all the TV episodes plus the original movie on the internet. Packed up the DVD’s along with a rock I found and some instructions on it’s use. Gotta have the Genuine Bronson Rock to fix stuff. Made ‘em watch the movie plus a few episodes.
Nice present. Just what every motorcycle enthusiast needs... Well.. Almost...

I never found a Then Came Bronson T-Shirt...
So I had to make one. Now you can have one too. You'll have to get it from here until I can find someone who can silk screen them up for me.

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