Friday, July 3, 2020

That look. That sound. That Green Electra Glide

So I was visiting a childhood friend the other day...
And the conversation went to, "Hey does you dad still have that old Harley?
"Hell yeah wanna see it?"
Damn... I remember the day he brought it home. Musta been 9 or 10 years old.
Yeah, I Musta been 5 or 6.
Yeah he's 82 now and can't ride it anymore and might sell it... are ya interested?

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Full Circle

What follows is one of those ride reports from an 2013 called...
Full Circle

Mr. Lichen OnaRock
Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 10:20 PM
To: Cragar Mags

The last time I rode the Harley 74 home from the Grandmas I stoped by  the old Ameriquip bldg in Lester Prairie. I worked there back in 1900's to pay off that very same Harley. Ameriquip manufactured stuff for John Deer and some of their own stuff. It was a Teamsters union shop and this is where I was introduced the real working world... The one that requires steel toes, ear plugs, safety glasses and greasy shitty work.

The Ameriquip company moved to South Dakota when the union contract came due. So I got laid off, then screwed out of unemployment. I became disillusioned by the "real working world"  So I went Art school... with a paid in full Harley 74.

By the way...
Except for the ghosts of Teamsters past... The Ameriquip bldg seems vacant...

Anyways... I went to the Winter Camping Symposium to decided on which Snow Trekker tent I want to go with. After talking the tent tour and talking to the people there I am Leaning towards the 8 x 10. It's a two man that will fit three in a pinch, but pure luxury for the solo traveler. Now I just gotta figure out how to pay off the credit card, come up with the rent and squirrel away bucks for the tent. Primary goal is to pay in cash - carry no extra debt.

So the next day I was looking for work and found an opening that my temp place was hired to fill. Went to the temp lady and said "get me this job". The temp lady said that if I wanted the job I should dumb up my resume and  take the education section off. Then she says... What did you do at  Ameriquip? I  hung parts on the assembly line. What other experience do you have. I own and a vintage Harley 74, do all the maintenance, paint and other stuff to keep it road worthy. She says, "Sign this paper that says you can lift 75 lbs repeatedly"...

The very next day I get the call...
Can you come in and sign some papers, You got the job. You start tomorrow morning. 7-3:30 Mon-Fri. YOU MUST punch in ten minutes early. Wear steel toe shoes, ear plugs and glasses. Punch in at 6:50 am Work starts at 7:00 break at 9:00 am. for 10 minutes. You must punch out at 11:00 for a 30 minute lunch. You must punch back in before 11:30. 10 minute break at 2:00. At 3:30 you are free to go home. You are on probation for 90 days which you must be on time and at work every day. You are only allowed to miss or be late 1 time.
Congratulations on your new job.

I was assigned the least desirable job in the bldg. I get to prep the parts for disassemble. Get massively greasy, stand all day on concrete, did I mention that they specialize in steering gear boxes? Yep, power steering fluid makes the concrete slippery and by the end of the day your clothes are trashed. (THE STUFF DON'T WASH OUT) But  I get to work alone, take stuff apart and problem solve all day long.

This went on for a few weeks. Then today my supervisor walks up to me and says... We are now all caught up and no longer behind in production. Instead of sending you home they decided to move you to a different department. On Monday report to assembly. I'll try to get you back in my department when I can
...Today I was pondering
If I put a 6 speed in the ol' Harley 74 I bet it could it  pull a trailer...

Seems things have gone full circle.
Welcome back to the real working world.

Crappy cell phone picture of my new desk with tools and steering gear boxes.

Sunday, August 19, 2018


While shooting pictures at the Very Boring Rally 4 I spotted a Plastic Jesus on the dash board of a motorcycle. This dude had story to go along with it. Whilst crusing down the highway poor ol' PJ  got a sacred and jumped off the dash board. After an extended search he found his beloved Plastic Jesus beheaded and one arm missing. The head was glued back on and a Lego helmet put on for good measure. The arm was not found and presumed a sacrifice to the highway God's. Oh, and he secured PJ with a tether so could no longer have him self an escape. If you look close there's a little plastic compass mounted next to Plastic Jesus. Apparently for moral purposes.

I spent the next hour walking around the Very Boring Rally 4 singing that Plastic Jesus song while shooting pictures...

 I don't care of it rains or freezes
Long as I got my plastic Jesus
Sitting on the dash board of my car

Comes in colors pink and pleasent
Glows in the dark cuz it's iridescent
Take him with you when you travel far.

Get your self a sweet Madonna
Dressed in rinestones sitting a pedastel of abalone shells

Going ninety I ain't scary
Cuz I got the Virgin Mary
Assuraning me that I won't go to hell

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Rockers Spring Social

This event kicks ass. Not a lot of baggers. Lots of real motorcycles. No attitudes. Just good times.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

the beginnings...

This site got its start from emails my brother and me use to exchange. Here is one his ride reports from 2007.


Ride report.

There I was looking over the paper stacked on the dining room table, trying to make heads and tails of nasty appraisal reports, when I came across a REI 20% of coupon and my $20 dividend. Cripes the 20% off runs out today. I could sure use new bicycle headlight that mounts to my helmet. That would make for a good excuse to wear the stupid helmet. Lets see $120 minus 20% that's $96 minus $20 that's like close to 70 bucks.  Divorced with no one to bitch at me for buying stuff I hardly need.  Wonder what my pet marv is doing. Mom's day, did that yesterday. Hotter than Hell. The wind is blowin' 40mph. Good day to test run the URAL? I'll have plenty of time to push it home if I start now.

Marv's busy, family stuff. Fill up at SA, I ain't running out this time. Head out on 212. Shit it's windy.  This thing only goes 50. I guess its the Isle of Man route to Bloomington. North on 261 east on County Road 3/34 with the long arc's of the back roads to Young America. North to Baylor Park and around the Lake. County Road 32 to Waconia. North Shore Road around Waconia. Cold on the north side. White caps on the lake. Opening fishing and one boat on the lake. No windsurfers, whats up? Turn to go into St. Boni. Down wind. This thing starts to run like crap. Missing on the right side. It doesn't like being pushed by the wind. As long as its struggling it runs good.  Turn on the back streets of St. Boni towards Halsteads Bay on Minnetonka. I'm wearing the KD's and people keep wavin' an the dork with the sidecar. Cruisin' into Mound on 110, nobody at the beach. I take 125 on to the island and into Navarre. This bike hates lugging in town and fouls a plug. Stop at a church parking lot and swap the plug out. The good thing is everything is easily accessible. No scun up knuckles, even with my old Skidoo tools. Fires right up. Seems to run better at higher r's. County Road 19 into Tonka Bay and Excelsior. Waiting at the light on Highway 7 the thing starts running on the left side again, hardly able to pull away from the light. I open the throttle wide open to try and clean the thing out and starts running on two again. I guess this bike is made for Joey, "wide open and look at me." I run Highway 7 for a couple of miles and turn south on 101 for Excelsior Blvd. South on Shady Oak, under and over the Crosstown to Valley View Drive, Braemar Blvd, Gleason Road, 78th Street, East Bush Lake Road, 84th Street and Bloomington city streets to REI. "Isle of Man". 

Found a head light for $80 bucks. Called Derrick. He had just started the grill in South Mpls. So pick up a steak and head on over. I spent the next hour or so discussing Joey's up coming vasectomy. I guess we are going to have a fund raiser, selling little black ribbons with hammer and anvil charms.

I decided to take Minnehaha Parkway out of the city. I checked the gas and decided to refuel on Cedar Avenue. $12 = 4 gallons = 60 miles = 15 mile per gallon. That's just not right. I coulda taken the motor home. But hey all the black folk had fun wavin' at the dorky white guy on the "old Russian" motorcycle with the sidecar.

I took the parkway to 50th to Interlachen and back to Excelsior Blvd. Rolling past Shady Oak Road I notice traffic slowing down. Suddenly they all stop. I grab all the brake I can. This thing ain't gonna stop. I dive right and figure out the problem. God damn dumb black and white dog is running in circles in the intersection. I rev the engine and get the dogs attention. He runs in front of me and into the ditch. "Loud pipes save lives?". Missed him by that much.

South on 101 into Chanhassen. Back roads to Chaska and Victoria. Got stuck taking a little gravel. That washboard stuff sucks. The dam thing just goes where ever it wants, bounces off the tops and shakes the shit out of ya. All you can do is let off, turn and try again. Couldn't hardly get over 40 on the gravel, it was kinda like skiing with moguls. Just pretend you are in control and wear dark glasses so no one can see your eyes are closed.

I found some more tar and popped out on 212 by Bongards. I had had enough fun for one day and decided to Cannonball home. Wide open. Yep all of 60 mph. But she finally ran smooth and on both cylinders.

No runnin' out of gas no pushin'. Another successful expedition. Next time photos

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Been busy

Note to self... use the pint size bags for a single serving. They even got an app for blogger. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Got shot on 9-13 at 1st Thursday

G&C shot the Buell. Go to his site and check it out, then buy a sticker or five. The Buell is still for sale. if it dosen't sell soon it may have to be turned into a chopper, or a Grand National... It could be a long cold winter.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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