Thursday, February 13, 2020

Full Circle

What follows is one of those ride reports from an 2013 called...
Full Circle

Mr. Lichen OnaRock
Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 10:20 PM
To: Cragar Mags

The last time I rode the Harley 74 home from the Grandmas I stoped by  the old Ameriquip bldg in Lester Prairie. I worked there back in 1900's to pay off that very same Harley. Ameriquip manufactured stuff for John Deer and some of their own stuff. It was a Teamsters union shop and this is where I was introduced the real working world... The one that requires steel toes, ear plugs, safety glasses and greasy shitty work.

The Ameriquip company moved to South Dakota when the union contract came due. So I got laid off, then screwed out of unemployment. I became disillusioned by the "real working world"  So I went Art school... with a paid in full Harley 74.

By the way...
Except for the ghosts of Teamsters past... The Ameriquip bldg seems vacant...

Anyways... I went to the Winter Camping Symposium to decided on which Snow Trekker tent I want to go with. After talking the tent tour and talking to the people there I am Leaning towards the 8 x 10. It's a two man that will fit three in a pinch, but pure luxury for the solo traveler. Now I just gotta figure out how to pay off the credit card, come up with the rent and squirrel away bucks for the tent. Primary goal is to pay in cash - carry no extra debt.

So the next day I was looking for work and found an opening that my temp place was hired to fill. Went to the temp lady and said "get me this job". The temp lady said that if I wanted the job I should dumb up my resume and  take the education section off. Then she says... What did you do at  Ameriquip? I  hung parts on the assembly line. What other experience do you have. I own and a vintage Harley 74, do all the maintenance, paint and other stuff to keep it road worthy. She says, "Sign this paper that says you can lift 75 lbs repeatedly"...

The very next day I get the call...
Can you come in and sign some papers, You got the job. You start tomorrow morning. 7-3:30 Mon-Fri. YOU MUST punch in ten minutes early. Wear steel toe shoes, ear plugs and glasses. Punch in at 6:50 am Work starts at 7:00 break at 9:00 am. for 10 minutes. You must punch out at 11:00 for a 30 minute lunch. You must punch back in before 11:30. 10 minute break at 2:00. At 3:30 you are free to go home. You are on probation for 90 days which you must be on time and at work every day. You are only allowed to miss or be late 1 time.
Congratulations on your new job.

I was assigned the least desirable job in the bldg. I get to prep the parts for disassemble. Get massively greasy, stand all day on concrete, did I mention that they specialize in steering gear boxes? Yep, power steering fluid makes the concrete slippery and by the end of the day your clothes are trashed. (THE STUFF DON'T WASH OUT) But  I get to work alone, take stuff apart and problem solve all day long.

This went on for a few weeks. Then today my supervisor walks up to me and says... We are now all caught up and no longer behind in production. Instead of sending you home they decided to move you to a different department. On Monday report to assembly. I'll try to get you back in my department when I can
...Today I was pondering
If I put a 6 speed in the ol' Harley 74 I bet it could it  pull a trailer...

Seems things have gone full circle.
Welcome back to the real working world.

Crappy cell phone picture of my new desk with tools and steering gear boxes.

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