Sunday, August 19, 2018


While shooting pictures at the Very Boring Rally 4 I spotted a Plastic Jesus on the dash board of a motorcycle. This dude had story to go along with it. Whilst crusing down the highway poor ol' PJ  got a sacred and jumped off the dash board. After an extended search he found his beloved Plastic Jesus beheaded and one arm missing. The head was glued back on and a Lego helmet put on for good measure. The arm was not found and presumed a sacrifice to the highway God's. Oh, and he secured PJ with a tether so could no longer have him self an escape. If you look close there's a little plastic compass mounted next to Plastic Jesus. Apparently for moral purposes.

I spent the next hour walking around the Very Boring Rally 4 singing that Plastic Jesus song while shooting pictures...

 I don't care of it rains or freezes
Long as I got my plastic Jesus
Sitting on the dash board of my car

Comes in colors pink and pleasent
Glows in the dark cuz it's iridescent
Take him with you when you travel far.

Get your self a sweet Madonna
Dressed in rinestones sitting a pedastel of abalone shells

Going ninety I ain't scary
Cuz I got the Virgin Mary
Assuraning me that I won't go to hell

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