Monday, November 22, 2010

Motorcycle Jumper Cables

So there you are... Out in the middle of nowhere.
And your buddies bike's battery takes a dump.
Fancy ass fuel injected bikes don't like to be bump started.
And very few bikes have kickers nowadays.
What are you gonna do?
Yeah you could whip out a cell phone and have
someone else solve your problem.
You could be a man and solve your own problems.
All ya gotta do is whip out a set of
Genuine MotoNeato Motorcycle Jumper Cables.
Yep... You'll be a hero for saving the day and probably get
a few free drinks for your trouble.
They are four feet long... Long enough to get the job done and
small enough so they don't take up much room when stashed.
Made out of Marine grade 2 10 AWG wire. That's stranded wire not solid so they are flexible and stand up to the elements.

Score a set of motorcycle jumper cables today.
Perfect your bro whose tool kit consists of nothing but a cell phone.
I only have six sets left ... So act now.
$20.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48.

MotoNeato Jumper Cables...
Don't leave home with out 'em.

Carry 'em
Learn how to use 'em.

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