Thursday, August 12, 2010

HiberNation Time Is A Ways Off

The XB9s and that yellow light.

I packed 2 1.5 liter fuel bottles on the back of the Buell and went to find out how far it will go on the low fuel light. After 135 miles the low fuel light came on. After 174 miles the motor died. Apparently I can go 40 miles on reserve.

With that out of the way I gotta tell ya about where I ran out of gas. There's this river that runs along the boarder between Minnesota and Wisconsin called the St. Croix. Now... Between Grantsburg, WI and Taylors Falls, MN there are no bridges crossing the river. I have always wondered what they were hiding over on the WI side. So I went to find out.

What I found were some kick ass narrow asphalt roads complete with curves and a few rollers. Oh... and some unexplained gravel sections. I had the onboard camera running for 98% of the ride. Anyways... I flew through a couple flocks of birds and saw a genuine black bear. When I got home I through this video together for something to watch during the non-riding season and for some of you who can't ride for whatever reason.

The following video is for that Bear and for those people who can't ride today. It's as long as the youtube would allow me to load. DOUBLE CLICK IT and watch on YouTube. Enjoy

DOUBLE CLICK IT and watch on YouTube

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